About Us

About Us

Since 1974, Arı Petroleum Chemical Company is producing and selling all types of lubricants and industrial oils with its experienced & qualified team. Also exporting engine oils over the world. Arı Oil products meet with industry’s needs with its high performance levels.

Located in Tuzla KOSB (industrial area), with our experience we produce and sell to the direct customer. With high quality and various products, we took as principle to always develop ourselves and to have satisfied customers. Arı Oil has ISO 9001-2008 quality system certificate.

Arı Oil’s main goal is to work effective, be trustworthy and produce economic products meet the expectations of customers. In our company, we work as a team of chemical engineers who are ready to give technical support.

We have reached 44 countries in 6 years with our competitive prices, and our experience. We aim to reach more countries and expand our sale network as we participate to fairs in Turkey and all around the world.

While producing Arı Oil is applying all the quality systems in order to present international standards to customer requests. We are obtaining all TSE certificates in our sector. Our 20 products have TSE-TSEK certificate and ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate. Our laboratory has TSE EN ISO/IEC quality management system and got accredited in 2012.

Our production is full automated. We work with our experts in our laboratory, testing all our procuducts that we send with intent to produce high quality, innovative products.