Arı Oil company’s high equipment laboratory is using high technological equipment, Arı Oil is testing base oils, additives and chemicals with international test methods in terms of quality controlling. Arı is following a traceable and analyzable process from the beginning of the production till the end.

In our lab, we analyze our products in terms of chemical and performance levels by using international methods like ASTM, ISO, OİML, EA, EUROCHEM, İLAC ve NORDTEST, and also local test method like TSE.

We answer our customers analyze requests. Our lab has ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and it is managed by the rules of this system.

Our lab is accredited in 2012 by TURKAK. We improve ourselves every year by the audits of this system. As ARI Oil, we participate to the international tests to see how far we got with our laboratory, to compare ourselves as laboratory and see our place in the market and measure our performance correctly.
Internationally, we participate to ASTM test programs conducted by ODTU (LABKAR)

Arı Oil Company is on sectors service with its innovative, trustworthy, experienced and productive team who prioritizes customers’ needs and requests.